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Welcome to Bombay & Beyond. This blog is about sharing my life journey with you, beginning with my family, childhood, and growing up. I grew up close to the city centre, with my Mum, Dad and younger brother. I adore Bombay, now known as Mumbai, it is my ‘city of dreams’. I never wanted for anything as a child, my Dad continuously spoilt me,and I was treated like royalty. I had the best group of friends, friends for life, I know I can always count on them. However, this didn’t come without its downfalls, my self-esteem was low, I was forbidden to wear even sleeveless tops, or anything above my knee. I attended an all-girls school, and sleepovers were a BIG no! Boyfriends? What are they! Not even thought of. I never believed I was very pretty or that anybody would like me. Everything changed when my Dad told me I was going to the UK to study further education. I decided on the University of Sheffield to study Advanced Control Systems engineering. Suddenly, I had all the freedom I could have dreamed of! I have the most amazing memories from university, making new friends and experiencing a new culture in Sheffield. I have always been driven, but University was all about focus for me; I was determined to succeed and to graduate with a 1st degree and progressing into a successful career.



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