Bumps On The Road

Bumps on the road is my journey through the dreaded C word – Cancer. Finding a lump is how it all began. I never believed that cancer would happen to me, how could it, there was nothing wrong with me?! I think this mentality stayed with me throughout the whole process. One morning I found the lump, I asked Matt to check it and he wasn’t sure, but we both felt it should be seen to straight away. We soon saw the consultant and my battle against cancer began. After seeing the consultant, she immediately sent me to get my mammogram and biopsy done. Surgery followed straight after; it all came so fast. No work, I couldn’t attend my brother’s wedding in India, everything was so different. What bra do I wear now? I can’t move properly, my body just felt broken. After my surgery, I found the cancer had spread. Chemotherapy followed, which was dreadful, I still feel shivers thinking about it. My appearance was at the forefront of my mind, my hair, losing it, from long hair to shaven. The tiredness, sickness and just feeling like pure death. Radiotherapy followed; it didn’t feel as tough because it wasn’t drugs being pumped into your body. I was relieved chemo was over, but radiotherapy just felt so tiring, I just couldn’t do anything. My mum had returned to India, Matt was elsewhere in the country, some days I really struggled with my daughters. It was the hardest time I’ve faced. However, recovery came eventually and I’m so grateful to be here.



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