East Meets West

East meets West; our love story!

This blog tells you the story of how Matt and I met: our story begins in my early 20’s whilst working at AstraZeneca. This is where I met Matt. He asked me on a date, and we went out for drinks from that point. I sort of just knew we were meant to be together. I never believed that I was the kind of person who would believe in love at first sight, after the way I was brought up I thought I’d have to get to know someone a lot inside and out before I fell in love. The culture difference between the UK and India in terms of relationship is a huge shock, I never knew before that couples could actually live together before marriage – I wanted this! Matt being Caucasian and me being Indian I never believed our relationship could get anywhere. However, the more time we spent together I just knew. After 6 months I moved in with Matt. Our friendship and love flourished, after 2 years of togetherness, we travelled to New Zealand and after a day full of pampering we got engaged! It was magical – everything I could wish for. I knew he was the one, if he was willing to go through the trouble with my family. We had an East meets West style Bollywood wedding. It was fantastic. Today, we are still in love and have two beautiful daughters. I don’t tell him enough, but I adore him and couldn’t wish for anymore!



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