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My fashion & food blog is all about what it says! Fashion and food. I have a passion for both things, great memories regarding them both. Fashion began when I was young, my Dad treating me to clothes, I had an admiration for them. Dressing up, trendy, stand out clothes is something which I adore! I’m truly spoiled. My wardrobe today has everything from Primark to high end brands. Each outfit is special to me and I treasure them all! I remember when I began my career and when I was finally earning my own money. Firstly, I discovered Topshop and then John Lewis, which lead to then being able to explore brands such as Gucci. But, if I’m being honest, the clothes I love day to day, that I feel the best in are from shops such as Topshop, River Island etc! I adore bright clothes, shoes which sparkle, but also wearing clothes I’ve owned for a long time, I think when they are slightly worn,I love them more! I’m still a huge fan of my Indian brands, but also choosing my scarves from the streets of India. They are my favourite.

Food is a huge passion of mine; Matt and I love exploring food together. Don’t you just wish we could be designed to eat and eat and never gain weight!? I have many memories of food, one of them is the street food in Bombay, it’s a dream! I miss it so much. In the UK I love being able to try out the quirky food shops in London, bagels, pizza, Mexican–so many! However, we’ve also been lucky enough to try the nicest restaurants in the UK. Sat Bains in Nottingham, The Black Swan are a couple of restaurants we’ve been wowed by! Saying this, my all-time favourite cook is Matt, he doesn’t need to try he just gets them flavours perfectly! One of my guilty pleasure is sweet food! I have a very sweet tooth, something I do miss the most from India is the Kulfi that goes on a chowpati in Bombay. The best memories from there.

Overcoming Cancer has changed my outlook on food slightly, I try and be healthy, count my calories and I’m generally just more conscious of food and what I eat. However, I still enjoy what I eat.



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