Fledgling to Forefront

Fledging to Forefront revolves around the start of my career. Whilst I was studying at the University of Sheffield, I applied for engineering internships to start my career. I secured a place at AstraZeneca as a Systems Engineer; I knew this would boost my CV and stand me out from the crowd to employers in the future. This role was a big eye opener for me, to suddenly be working for a multinational company in the big wide world. I was disappointed at first, as I felt that being the newbie in the office, my colleagues did not take my ideas seriously. Being a woman engineer from India, I suppose I stood out slightly. Most of the other women in the office were in admin roles, I foolishly told them what money I was earning. Let’s just say that was a huge mistake and a big lesson learnt on my behalf. On this journey I met the one, Matt, we are still together to this day and a great friend, Graham whose wife changed my perspective on the way I portrayed myself.

A new Foram Brown emerged during this time, I dropped from size 18 to 8, I started to enjoy life more and caring about the way I looked and the style I had.

In work I was being continually asked to prove myself, which, after some teething experiences, I began to deliver on and excel.

My confidence soon took a hit when I was rejected from a graduate position at Rolls Royce. This is where I wanted to work, and I had to get it! I spoke with my University tutors and telling them engineering was my passion – I made a new contact and secured another interview at Rolls Royce which I was accepted! My new career lay in wait and I could not wait to embark on this exciting adventure.

I’m now at a point where I can consider myself as a leader, I’m a strong person. Check out my tips on how to rise to the top.



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