Friends Forever

Friends Forever. I have a select group of friends who I call my true friends. People who I know would be there for me if I really needed them. My girl gang from India: Fatema, Shruti, Nishita, Shweta, Bhakti, Farheen and Moushami. My group of girls from school who I have the best memories with. We are all in a group chat, which I’m pretty useless at but I’m trying to get better! They mean a lot to me. My best friend from university Navya, who I met at the University of Sheffield, really helped shape my experience. We are still in touch; she lives in America now so it’s difficult to speak as much as we would like but I adore her! Anjum, who was with me in Sheffield and has moved back to Mumbai. Raghav, who I met at Rolls Royce, is a true friend of mine. We meet up from time to time, catch up,have a few drinks. He is someone who I feel close to and feels close to me–he means a lot to me. Matt is my soulmate and my best friend. I share everything with him (of course there are some secrets) but he is the one that my heart seeks when I need someone the most. All of my friends have been there for me, throughout last year, they know how to deal with me, which as you can imagine is a slight challenge! I am selective with the close people in my life, however the ones who I let in are definitely friends for life.


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