Ground Rules and Guidelines

Ground Rules and Guidelines is the blog about my reading. I never warmed to reading as a child, I only began to pick it up when I started university and had some free time to get into it. I began with “Gone with the wind’, my first book. I never believed I could finish it but once I got into it, I was amazed, loved it! I enjoy romance novels, as well as thriller novels, my favourite author is Jeffery Archer. As my career progressed, I started to read leadership books, my mentor leads me in the direction of this. She suggested I read ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ which was my first learning and development book, I never looked back in terms of these books after I read this! Massively impressed. I love reading books which make you think, question yourself, inspire yourself and help you overcome the difficult times in life. You can see all these types of books in this blog! Saying this, one of my all-time faves is “Fifty Shades of Grey”; who doesn’t love that! So, you can see my tastes are extreme!



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