Inspiration and Ideas

My inspiration and Ideas blog revolves around the people who are most important to me. Beginning with my mum. My main source of inspiration. She has never failed to inspire me, support me, trust me, and motivate me. She has always been by my side through the tough times and the good times. She has always been my guidance and the person I look up to the most, I’m very lucky that my mum is this way, and I strive to be this for my girls. Matt, the calm inspiration in my life, he is my rock. My girls, wow, my main source of ideas! They give me strength, life through their lens; what is the worst that will happen? It actually makes sense. My entire women-led breast cancer team, they have given me the new happy and healthy life that I have today. They are a huge inspiration to me, and I have so much love to them for caring for me through the worst time of my life.

Professionally, Luke Logan who mentored me through my time at Rolls Royce. He agreed to coach me, mentor me and to spend time with me on a regular basis to ensure I’m going in the right direction in my career. We are still in touch now. I like to call him my friend, but he is a huge source of inspiration to me. Dave Benbow, who I met at Sheffield University, had given a presentation on a career at Rolls Royce, I just knew that we were going to have a connection and that we would be in touch for a long time, which we are! He told me to forget my weakness, focus on my strengths. He has never failed to be there for me, he even believed in my ideas when I was going through chemotherapy experiencing the worst time. He has always believed in me and is a huge inspiration to me. My other mentor is Laurent Troger, the former president of Bombardier transportation. I remember joining Bombardier and he had come to give a presentation of how we, as a team in Derby were performing. I was so taken back by his presence and his views that I hassled him to mentor me! I was very persistent, eventually agreed. He empowers me.

All of my mentors have taught me something that has helped me achieve the way I am today–check out the full blog on just how important they are to me.



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