Management to Motherhood

Management to Motherhood; this blog explains my journey into being a Mother. I have two daughters, Freya is 8, Arya is 4. My pregnancy with both girls was challenging to say the least and up until this year it has been a very difficult time. However, I wouldn’t change anything. Being a mum, having a career and especially in engineering is challenging. Matt and I don’t have family around to help, therefore childcare lies with us, or external care. The guilt is always there, after having two children people presume you just want to stay at home and take it easy. For me, it was different, I always wanted to keep achieving, keep learning in my role. I want my girls to look up to me, to be their role model, it is hard not always being there for them at the moment, but I hope they look back and realise I did it all, for them! Juggling a career and motherhood is challenging, I can’t always pick Freya up from school, she questions this because some of her friend’s mums are stay home full-time mums. It upsets me, but the time we have together is even more special as we treasure it. It’s quality time. I make sure I have fun with my girls, I have a good balance, I can switch easily from work mode to mum mode and everything is about them. As a mum, you have to do what you believe in, what your heart tells you, sometimes other people are right but not all the time. You must keep your sanity as a mother, that’s the most important thing. Empowering my girls is something I love to do, looking back I wish I had done what I thought much quicker, 8 years on from having Freya I’m only just learning to do this. This would’ve helped a lot with the dark side too, you have to accept your situation even if you don’t want to face it. At the end of the day, you’re their mother, you know best.



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