The Professional

‘Professional’ is a short blog on rising to the top and becoming a good leader. Reading leadership and people focused books gives me huge guidance. A metaphor I love to use to describe careers is a monkey bar: you keep going from one bar to another, this is how you progress! Read on for my main points in doing ANY career! I find continuing to develop, network and motivate people is key. You must continue to learn in the position you are in, otherwise what’s the point? A motto of mine is always Look After Your Team. If you look after your team, the performance will show naturally. To become a manager or a leader, ambition and drive is needed. I’ve always had to have a plan. It frustrates me when people say they have risen to the top organically; no, not for me, I’ve had to work extremely hard! In my opinion, a lot of effort and drive is needed to become a leader. If you want it,go get it!



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